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Site for the day [26 Jun 2008|02:23pm]
Dude... so awesome... check it out

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WANT!!! [28 May 2008|03:03pm]

omg omg omg .... I finally found a place where I can worship!!
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Image of the Day [28 May 2008|02:44pm]

I look at this and I think to myself..... neat idea.... I could execute it myself.....
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Oh I wonder.... [23 Apr 2008|03:39pm]
I have had no sleep in 30 hours. My neighbor is a noisy noisy ass.... and so I find myself wondering....

How would you go about hurting someone with a pasta spoon?

I really would like to hear your ideas people.
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Quote for the day [23 Apr 2008|03:19am]
Your life is an occasion - rise to it.
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Marie [22 Apr 2008|02:46am]
Sometimes I just have way too much fun writing as my little were-spider.

"I am not convinced that they should not all be destroyed down to their last whisker and fed to my young."

Ahhhh spring - when she goes about here and there to check on all her hidden egg sacks...... have you checked under YOUR bed lately?
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Movies [22 Apr 2008|02:30am]
So I watched Hitman tonight. Couple of good kills and some good lines.
I'd heard mixed reviews about it - but I enjoyed it.

Watched Juno too........ maybe 4 good lines in the whole movie. Was honestly more bored at the end of the flick then when I started. Reminded me of Napoleon Dynomite in that respect.

The Mist was good - that was last night. Fucked up ending, which of course only made it better.

In the Name of the King was a great cast - and some interesting scenes - but the story was disjointed and the music in the credits...... *shudder* .... let's just not go there.
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Marie's event story - addendum. [14 Apr 2008|12:55am]
Ok... I totally meant to include this little bit in the story but had a huge brain fart.

Marsh teaches Marie a gift.

Marsh reached into his sleeve and pulled out a single spider. He handed it to Marie who proceeded to drop it in her mouth and swallow without chewing. They each went about their business and a little while later Marie looked to Marsh. -- "Oh, is that all? How simple. I wonder that I did not think of that before. Thank you."

Yeah... and that folks is why the Ananasi are just creepy as all hell.... or, at least yet another reason.
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Ghosts [14 Apr 2008|12:48am]
"A ghost story. An apparition appearing to a child always gives the tale a certain turn of the screw. But if one child gives one turn, what then can be said of two children? The answer is of course - two children give two turns."

Ok... so - step one - no taking the cop out answer and saying there are no ghosts. No, no. None of that.

Alright, now that that's out of the way.... assuming there is at least one ghost in the story, who is it?

the Governess?
the Uncle?

Good lord, each possibility and combination just twists the story even more. There's a reason I don't get bored of this show. You see.... each performance I think up a different combination.

For example- today I pondered... alright, what happens if the ghosts are Flora and Mrs. Grose? And that's how I watched the show- it changed the whole damn thing! Every performance is new and twisted. Way too much fun.
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Marie's Event Story [10 Apr 2008|04:51am]

As soon as I felt I had fully caught up with myself from the forest Marsh was off to create his precious tangles.

It wasn't long before I was given news that the mongrels who call themselves wolves were professing to organize to finally make a cut.
I will believe it when I see it.

Sure enough - it comes to naught. Well, not quite naught. It seems there are those who think I am in danger - that more than one party wants to wake me with death tonight.

They are even saying that a certain wraith may come to orchestrate my end.
This is why the dead should stay dead - well, if he does come I will have to see to that.

They send a guard to sleep in our extra bed to help protect us. It is Snow.
If there must be a mutt in my parlor, at least it is her.
While the others are up to their tangled tricks she and I speak of right vs. fair - and of things.... subjective.

Snow doesn't stay long. Seems they need her to kill one of their pups in the middle of the night - this news does not interest me enough to even bid her luck on her task.
It is a pup - there is no challenge there - no skill needed for that kill.

I am woken suddenly by something bullrushing my door..... repeatedly. He says the magic words and so I open the door to the culprit and let him in.
Marsh's reaction worries me - I will have to watch that.

I am given a test once he is out of the room and I of course follow Her laws.

Our visitor's claims are interesting, I have a bit of trouble following it all but one thing is for certain as we head into the night.
Duty calls.

Eventually, after Marsh sent out a call for guidance, I found my rest..... with someone besides Snow in the bed above me.


I was woken briefly by Marsh rising to tangle up what he feared was unravled by last night's work. Since it is not my business - I rolled over and returned to sleep.

When I woke again, it was to find that I had missed market - which I did not regret missing..... and that I had missed a brutal killing - which I rather did regret missing.
Still, the day isn't over yet.

The afternoon was spent watching Brother Ren get a room full of wraiths very very drunk.
Dinner was spent with the cats. Silas did most of the talking.

After the meal was the mystery of the man with "no memory". I was far more interested in the man in black who pulled the trick I'd only ever seen Mortimer do.
Time to leave.

Turns out there were Specters about. Tainted spirits.

Even worse- after that news, in came the church knights. Given the choice between huddling in the church and going to sit in a cabin with Reynard..... I chose to go with the bird.
Damn Bird.

We sat in widow Ghita's cabin behind a ward against the tainted. It was both fascinating and satisfying to see who was unable to enter. It was also.... boring.
When the ward expired, I was the last one out. I hung about until all the others had gone their separate ways and forgotten about me... even the bird.
Damn Bird.

Alone. In the pitch black. In the umbra.
Specters. Lots of them.
Too many.
For the first time since I arrived in Ushaw Moor -- I shifted.

I stayed to the shadows, but still, one saw me.
It attacked me without giving me the respect of seeing its face - if I had been born a wolf I might have been insulted.
I am no wolf. I took no insult. I did not rage.
As it died I learned from its screams that even the tainted can know fear.

On my way back to my rest I bumped into a stranger on the road. The dark kept me from seeing their face - but I will recognize the taste when I find them again.

I visited with the cats for a while. They have a nice den. It would be a good place to hide younglings if the bird didn't live there too.
Damn Bird.

When I refused all their offers of help and protection, Reynard sent me to my rest with interesting words.
"I know you are a resourceful woman."
You have no idea.

When I reached my room it was to find that yet a different visitor was to sleep above me. As armed as he was - I am not sure who was supposed to be protecting who.


I awoke hungry - so I cooked the hunt I had been saving.
The smell of the kill in the skillet drew many - including the young bird. When he asked what it was I was cooking, I answered him straight.
He was wise enough not to ask what kind.
Reynard, was more curious than that. In point of fact, out of all who partoke in the meal, he was the only one to make that inquiry.
Damn Bird.

On the way up the road I heard disturbing news - so I followed to the jail since I did not trust the mutts to be able to handle things properly on their own. I was right to go.
The mutts were called away to deal with their raging totem - proof of how emotion gets in the way of getting done what needs to be done.

The birds and the vampires did their best to finish things on their own - but it took my order to Marsh to end the creature.
The threat over - we turned heel and left to deal with other things.

Other things turned out to be three women wailing and mourning for the souls of England.

I found myself in the tavern soon after that.
I looked out over the gathering of most of the town and had a realization.
It might soon be time for me to find a new husband.
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Sticking my head out of the gopher hole [18 Feb 2008|12:21am]
I'm alive.

Stage Managing Steal Magnolias over at CCT in San Leandro.

Yeah - that's about it.
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New Year [01 Jan 2008|02:31am]

Friend of mine mentioned that it was time for him to do his new year's post - a recap of the previous year and I realized I hadn't been on here for... well.... ages.


Happy New Year everyone.
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Audition [25 Sep 2007|01:11pm]
So... I had an audition last night.
I'll let you all know how it went when I find out.

If I get it.... then on Oct. 9th (which is a Tuesday) I'll be singing in a showcase whose main feature performer is CAROL CHANNING!!!!!

*stares at phone and waits for it to ring*
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Video of the Day [14 Sep 2007|04:48pm]
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*wave* [30 Jul 2007|06:16am]
hello! This would be me back in the Pacific time zone!

26 days I was gone.
Where did I go?

Germany - Frankfurt, Boppard, Wannamunde, Colonge
Belgium - Brugge
The Netherlands - Amsterdamn
Denmark - Copenhagen
Sweden - Stockholm
Finland - Helsinki
Russia - St. Petersburg
Estonia - Tallin
Norway - Oslo, Balastraad, Bergen
USA - New York City

Am I tired?
You bet your sweet ass..... which is why I have no idea why I'm awake at 6:19 in the AM. Oh no wait - that would be jet lag- grrrr.
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Norway [25 Jul 2007|07:01pm]
Moose burger.... Reindeer Pizza ..... "The Scream" in pastel.... now if only it wasn't so damned expensive.
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Finland [13 Jul 2007|06:31pm]
Finland Finland Finland... that's the country for me - pony trecking or camping or just watching tv.....

Yes folks - I'm in Helsinki tomorrow...or, er, later today for me that is. Monty Python will be stuck in my head all day no doubt about it.

Today was Stockholm and before that Copenhagen (I had songs from Hans Christian Anderson stuck in my head while in Copenhagen).

You'd think I'd be tired of museums by now. Yeah... I'm not.

I've tried hooking into AIM express to chat - but it doesn't like me here on the ship - so I'm stuck with Yahoo! if you know my id I'm on every now and again.
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Fuckin Outlook + Earthlink [09 Jul 2007|03:57pm]
Have you sent an email to my earthlink account since May that I haven't responded to?

Yeah- a lot of people did. Guess what.... I got them ALL today.

For some reason I had over 600 new emails drop into my inbox today and most of them are from late May to June. Turns out I was notified that I had been accepted for four or five different jobs but because I didn't get the emails I've since lost the opportunities. I have no idea what else this has cost me yet.

Needless to say.... I am PISSED. I think this calls for a new email provider. I'll let y'all know when I've switched over.
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Hello from Brugge (that's in Belgium) [06 Jul 2007|07:51pm]
A list of things that I have learned so far on this trip

1) flying first class kicks some serious ass people.

2) hearing a nice female voice speak german over the loudspeaker at the airport calling for passengers with a jewish sounding last name...... yeah... CREEPY!!

3) Nazi jokes ..... not getting old any time soon

4) Mom driving with Dad navigating - BAD! VERY VERY BAD!

5) Coffee and Tea just taste better outside the US.

6) The Rhine Valley is Georgeous!

7) I don't care who you are - camels outside a gothic cathedral is just funny.

8) It doesn't matter where I am - I'll find the Irish.
Ok, story here. We drove into Brugge last night at started to look for a place to eat that was still open at 10:30pm. We're wandering the streets when all of a sudden I hear something. I shushed my folks and stood there and listened. Well, what should I hear but "And it's no, nay, no never - - - no nay never no more, will I play the wild rover, no never no more!" So I followed the siren song and ended up in front of a Chinees restaurant (yes that's how it was spelled). Needless to say, I was confused - even more so since the place was dark and closed. And then... then I saw it - the flag pole that was flying both the St. Andrew's cross and the tri-color - and underneath it - the stairs leading down to the subterranian level - the Druid's Cellar. Leave it to me to find the Celts in Belgium.

9) Michelangelo was a fucking genius. His Madonna & Child is breathtaking.

10) Canals have a particular odar to them - Amsterdam, Brugge, Venice... doesn't matter - nothing smells quite like a canal.

11) The German's really know how to do sausage.

12) The Belgian's reputation for chocolate is WELL DESERVED.

13) It's so much easier to sleep when you're exhausted..... and on that note.... good night.
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feeling the crunch [30 Jun 2007|10:44pm]
I leave for LA tomorrow so that I can fly to Frankfurt on Tuesday and I still have dishes to do, a car to clean out and - oh yeah, I should finish packing. Aye yai yai.
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